Friday, July 21, 2006

Off to Scotland

It is high season in our garden: vast amounts of round zucchini can be harvested each day, beans (white, green and purple varieties) are sprouting, we've almost finished the red and yellow beets, amaranth is growing well, mustard choy is just coming up. Each night we fight the tropical temperatures and the draught with hard-gained buckets of freshly pumped water.
Till today.
Today we leave our garden in trusted hands (though it was not easy to find a gardener who wants to eat from ours too) and take off to Scotland for a three-week holiday. We are looking forward to lower temperatures, the occasional shower and to having no means of communication.
We like to be 'in the middle of nowhere', but with a good grocer at hand. Grocers in Scotland can be anything from the kind formerly known as Safeways, via small esoteric and arty shops with organically grown vegetables layed out like a still-life (Kishorn) or drinking hall-like supermarkets where the supply of bird feed exceeds that of fresh vegetables (Drumnadrochit).
I'll keep you posted when I'm back.


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